All of what I did

Pains her delicate heart

Too forceful I was

Forcing her to like the things she doesn’t want 

And having her dress the way she doesn’t want

Every time someone talks to her

It breaks my heart whenever

The reason of her smiles is because of another

Jealousy is like a rose full of thorns

The holder is the one greatly affected and all

To protect her and what we have

Is all that I ever wanted

Never did I planned 

For it to be so controlling

It’s just that I LOVE YOU

And wanted to TAKE CARE OF YOU

But for now I’ll not be jealous again

For your wonderful smiles

And for your neverending love

Just promise me this lines

That I plus You is forever

And no one and nothing will ever separate us

With our unbreakable bond and infinite love

Last Smile - Ciejay Hernandez

Since the day you were beside me,

All I can see is your beauty.

You outshone the best among the rest

And made my heart partake into a test.

Late afternoon, I was happy that we could talk

Maybe the chance to see us walk

For several minutes I stared,

And for a couple of minutes I failed.

All I can do is to think of you,

While the other is to love you.

Worlds vanished, skies fall, hearts crushed and dreams shattered

Yet this feelings remained,

Piercing to every bond that you had made.

Waiting until an apple is ripe enough to fall,

Then strike if the heart’s roar is not of pain

But with the reason to love again.

All I can wish for now, 

Is to see your smile at least for the last time….

I hope it is forever!!

I hope it is forever!!

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One sided Love

-Ciejay Hernandez

Love engraved on my heart

Seeking for you to be a part

Years had passed yet the same

All those tears shed, would bring no fame

Remembering the past

You said that night wouldn’t be our last

Can’t breathe, can’t move and think

Promises and hopes all gone in just a blink

Every night I wonder

What is destiny if I’m not the one?

So I pray that I may see you again

To see the smile that soothes this pain

As the sun rises, my new hope starts

Hoping that someday, I may hold your hand 

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Remember spartans?? XDLet&#8217;s play chess!! XD 

Remember spartans?? XD

Let’s play chess!! XD 

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Never underestimate Papa&lt;3 


Never underestimate Papa<3 

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